Dauntless SBD ARF 46 EP-GP

Aircraft model of the Dauntless SBD 1540 mm wingspan motor or electric class .46 engine

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Semi-production model aircraft of the Dauntless SBD ARF, 1540 mm. wingspan, for petrol, glow, or electric engines .46 class

The Douglas SBD Dauntless was an American naval scout plane from World War II and a navy bomber, and was produced by Douglas Aircraft from 1940 to 1944.

The SBD ("Scout Bomber Douglas") Douglas Dauntless ("fearless" in English) was a swooped bomber produced by the US company Douglas Aircraft Company in the 1940s and used by the Allied forces during the Second World War.

Equipped with high characteristics, at the time of entry into service, was able to conduct dive attacks with a 454 or 726 kg bomb, was characterized by high robustness and was used efficiently by the departments of the Marines and the US Navy.

However, its main success has been the sinking of the Japanese aircraft carriers in Midway, winning the most uncertain naval battle of the Pacific war.

The United States Army was equipped with a land version of the Dauntless, called A-24 Banshee, which was essentially the same aircraft with minor differences (it had no hook and the tires were different). It was produced in two versions and used during and after the war.

The model : 

VQ model introduces the SBD Dauntless class .46 EP-GP motorizable with scale finishes.

This Dauntless features split scale flaps, 2 x painted pilots, machine gun, antenna, and cockpit.

The large door of the battery compartment, allows you to use both electric and petrol engines, glow and 2-stroke petrol.

The optional electric reach trucks make the SBD Dauntless one of the best reproduction aircraft of the class .46

Features :

  • Balsa and plywood construction
  • Quality coverage with details
  • Nylon in fiberglass
  • Painted pilots
  • Pre-hinged and installed control surfaces
  • Three piece wing with split flap

Technical features:

Wing opening: 1540 mm

Fuselage length: 1060 mm

Takeoff weight: 3.1 - 3.2 kg

Recommended electric motor: class .46

Battery: Lipo 4S 14,8V 4500 mAh

Glow engine: .46 - .52 (2-stroke) / .62 - .72 (4 stroke)

Gasoline engine: 10 cc at 2 times

Radio: at least 8 channels with 8 servos (5x standard and 3x Mini servo (19grammi) for the Flap

Package contents:

  • Assembly instructions with photos
  • Tail wheel
  • Fiberglass nacelle
  • 2 x painted pilot
  • 2 x machine gun
  • Mechanical retracting trolleys with wheels
  • Multiple scale details
  • Castle engine
  • Fuel tank
  • Decals and all the mounting hardware


Electric retract landing gears with shock absorbers


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