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Fullpower ESC Regulator 120A Pro Opto HV - 356818

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Fullpower ESC Regulator 120A Pro Opto HV - 356818

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ESC Fullpower 120A PRO HV OPTO controller new compact version.

The FullPower PRO regulators are designed for use on very high performance aircraft or helicopters.

Only the latest generation MOSFET components are used on FullPower PRO controllers to ensure low operating temperatures and maximum system reliability.

They are also compatible with high rpm brushless motors and for this reason they can be used with most motors on the market.

Thanks to the 400 Hz input rate, this regulator has a very fast response and is also suitable for mounting on multirotors.

The Governor function is able to keep the rotor revolutions of your helicopter constant even during the most extreme 3D maneuvers.

Main features of FullPower PRO controllers:

  1.  Engine brake activation (recommended for model aircraft equipped with a folding propeller)
  2.  Battery type (NiCd / NiMH, LiPo, LiFe)
  3.  Minimum battery voltage threshold
  4.  Undo all changes and restore factory settings
  5.  Engine timing (to optimize engine control performance and response)
  6.  Adjusting the output voltage for powering the servos and receiver (only for SBEC models)
  7.  Governor (for helicopters)
  8.  Direction of rotation of the motor
  9.  Soft start (allows the soft start of the engine to prevent damage to the mechanics of the helicopters or to the engines equipped with reduction of revs)
  10.  Type of intervention to reach the minimum battery voltage threshold (Reduction of engine rpm or immediate shutdown)

Technical features :

  1. Can be used with motors such as: Brushless
  2. Continuous current: 120 A
  3. Peak current: 160 A
  4. Usage: Airplanes, Drones, Helicopters
  5. No. of LiPo cells: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  6. Brake: Yes
  7. Reverse: No
  8. BEC: NO
  9. Weight: 136 g
  10. Dimensions: 43x78x20 mm
  11. Input rate: 400 Hz
  12. Khz switching frequency: 16
  13. Instructions : Italian

Programming can be done via remote control or, more easily, via the appropriate optional programming card (Art. 356772)

Brand: Fullpower

Art.: 356818

Package contents: 1 regulator with instructions in ITALIAN


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