Propeller 10x4,7 APC pusher slow flyer

Propeller 10x4,7 Slow Flyer for APC aircraft for electric motors, pushing version.

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The APC propellers of the Slow Flyer Pusher series have been designed for the parkflyer and slowflyer with a pushing motor, where it is necessary to have a lot of torque, but little speed.

Thanks to the particular design and the very thin profile, the Slow Flyers increase the efficiency of the engine compared to a standard propeller, guaranteeing more power with reduced consumption.

Thanks to the construction in carbon-filled Nylon, the propeller is extremely rigid but at the same time light

The package also includes 2 adapters for different tree sizes.

If you want to further optimize the performance of this propeller, it is necessary to perform an accurate balance before use.


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