44460 Hitec HPP-21 Plus programmer for field digital servos and PC connectable

Hitec HPP-21Plus programmatore servi digitali

Hitec HPP-21 Plus, programmer for field digital servos and PC-compatible. Indispensable for all precision adjustments.

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is a programmer, servo tester, and USB interface for Hitec digital servos.

the HPP-21 plus is a sort of magic box essential for every model maker!

It is able to program all HITEC digital servos of the 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx G2 series via the computer or directly on the flight field.

Thanks to the two keys, the potentiometer and the LED display, all the functions of the HITEC digital servos can be programmed without using a computer.

If you connect it to a PC, using a USB cable, thanks to the powerful software (downloadable at the bottom of the card), running in Windows XP and VISTA you can program all the parameters of the powerful and versatile Hitec digital servos with a simple click .

Also through the software you can access a complete program to test your servos (compatible with all servos of all brands).

If you own digital servos of the 7xxx G2 series you will be able to access the REVOLUTIONARY programming functions to manage and optimize the incredible power of these new servos.

Among the new features:

  • Adjustment of overload protection threshold (Overload Protection)
  • Setting the RESOLUTION: thanks to this incredible function you can reduce the resolution of the servo to bring the amplitude of rotation, of any 7xxx digital, up to 180 ° maintaining the standard RADIO runs, a very useful function, for example, to operate retractable trolleys or fins of maxi gliders!
  • TEST functions (compatible with all servos of all brands):
  • MANUAL positioning
  • Automatic movement (Sweep) with adjustable speed
  • Step-by-step positioning
  • Programmable parameters (HITEC digital only)
  • Direction of rotation
  • Resolution Setting (Hitec G2 7XXX servos only)
  • Servo speed
  • Center, End of travel and Punto FAIL SAFE
  • Dead Spot Width (Dead Band Width)
  • Overload protection threshold - Overload Protection (only Hitec G2 7XXX servos);
  • Ability to save and load predefined configurations
  • Reset automatic settings.

Technical features :

  • System requirements: Windows XP, VISTA, USB2.0
  • Compatible servos (PROGRAMMING): Hitec digital series 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx G2
  • Compatible Servos (TEST): All analog and digital
  • Power supply: 4.8 - 6.0V
  • PC connection: USB (5pin mini-USB NOT INCLUDED)
  • Servo connection: UNI
  • Operation: StandAlone Si
  • Controls: 2 keys + potentiometer

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