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Maxpro 2S lipo battery for Futaba TX - 7.4v 2800 mah

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Maxpro 2S lipo battery for Futaba TX - 7.4v 2800 mah

Excellent Maxpro line battery compatible with Futaba transmitters (T4PLS, T4GRS, T4PKS / R, T4PX / R, T6J, T6K, T8J, T10J, T14SG and T18SZ), which guarantees a long battery life and low weight compared to traditional NimH batteries. The battery pack includes within it a limiter circuit that prevents any current peaks when the transmitter is turned on and allows it to be recharged without having to remove the battery pack from the transmitter compartment

Technical features :

  • Length 68.5mm
  • Width 41mm
  • Height 17.6mm
  • Voltage 7.4v
  • Capacity 2800mAh

Warning !

Never leave the battery pack undetected during charging.

To recharge the Maxpro Li-Po 5c 7.4v 2.800 mAh battery pack you must necessarily use a professional computerized battery charger by selecting "2S CELLE", assigning a maximum charge current of 500mAh (0.5 AH)

Always remember to program the "Battery Alarm" function on your Futaba transmitter with a value never less than 6.5 volts. This will guarantee you sufficient autonomy to guarantee the landing and return of your model.

Any modification or tampering with the batteries will automatically invalidate the product warranty as well as recharge through unsuitable battery chargers using higher charging currents and voltages than those indicated ("2s cells" 500mAh)

Brand: Maxpro

Art.: MAX2049

Package content: 1 lipo battery


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