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Picco P3TX .21 Ceramic 2023 Off Road Nitro Engine - PIC9696

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Picco P3TX .21 Ceramic 2023 Off Road Nitro Engine - PIC9696

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Picco P3TX .21 Ceramic 2023 Off Road Nitro Engine - PIC9696

This new version of our Buggy line features a traditional 3+2 port cylinder with an updated CNC machining.

Characterised by a Long Stroke layout and strong Swiss made 14mm Ceramic bearing for better reliability it also sports a new Cooling head to improve heat dissipation and a head button with silicone seal to prevent dust and vibration.

An Optional LCG (low-center-gravity) head to be used ONLY below 10°C/50°F outside temp. is sold separately (cod. 2700).

With a Standard Steel crankshaft with a black-coating just to prevent oxidation.

The P3TX 3,5cc engine is delivered with a 7,0mm and 7,5mm venturi.

In addition, the engines sold by us are subjected to strict quality control by Marchetti Model Service, which by checking compression, installing a P3 spark plug "made in Japan" and other technical details, guarantees perfect operation from the first ignition.

Technical features :

  • Quality control by Marchetti Model Service
  • 3+2 port hard chromed liner
  • Piston CNC machined from billet
  • Bevel edged lightweight aerodynamic Con-Rod
  • Die cast 3 needle slide carburettor
  • 7,0mm – 7,5mm Venturi
  • 14mm STEEL crankshaft with 2 counterweights.
  • Combustion chamber featuring O-Ring design to absorb engine vibration
  • Die cast backplate with improve gasflow
  • 14mm Ceramic swiss made main bearing
  • Blue sealed Japan front bearing

Brand: Picco

Art.: PIC969

Ean : 000000096904

Package content: 1 engine with accessories 




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