124123-CUBE-010-WE LED cube with 5 faces for collision light 360 ° horizontal, beacon - white, power 1W

Anti collision light 360 ° horizontal beacon white


5-sided LED cube for horizontal 360 ° anti-collision light beacon white power 1W

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5-sided LED cube for anti-collision light 360 ° beacon - white, power 1W

Very useful to realize the anti-collision light on all models of aircraft and helicopter, inevitable on reproduction models

technical data :

  • 1W power,
  • Power supply 12-15V, with lipo 3S, 0.1A
  • Beam angle:> 180 ° vertically, 360 ° horizontal
  • Dimension: 11x11x15mm
  • Weight: 1g (without cable)
  • ready for use with 1m silicone wire

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