Alewings SRC switch 10A radio controlled by radio

Alewings SRC switch radio controlled electronic switch supports 10A

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The Alewings SRC Evo switch, is a programmable electronic switch controlled by the receiver.

You can use it to turn on or off any device by moving only a switch, a stick, or turning on the transmitter.

It is ideal for feeding high power loads; thanks to a high current connector it is possible to control the ignition of glow plugs, electric motors, smoke pumps, lighting systems with a maximum load of 10A.

It does not require any setting, simply connect it to the receiver and is ready for use with a two-position radio switch.

It is possible to adapt to your setting needs a different switching point, normal or reverse mode and operation is prevented when the signal is lost

Technical details:

- Electronic switch controlled by the receiver

- It supports currents up to 10A

- Programmable switching point and inverse mode

- Fail Safe for signal loss

- Dimensions 42x26mm - Weight 9gr


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