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Option Team 3 shoes in carbon clutch OT-FR93

Option Team 3 Carbon Shoes Clutch - OT-FR93

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Clutch Vario Option Team 3 shoes carbon

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Clutch Vario Option Team 3 logs carbon

To meet the growing demand for a 3-link clutch that is both reliable, durable and above all adjustable, the Option Team introduced the "Vario" clutch.

The salient feature of this 3-link clutch, in addition to the high quality standard, is the possibility to adjust the operating characteristics of the clutch without replacing the springs as instead happens for the standard clutches.

Just rotate the tensioning cap that closes the clutch to count on two optional positions that increase or decrease the spring of the springs and, consequently, the use curve of the clutch.

Brand: Option Team

Packing: 1 complete clutch

Art.: OT-FR92


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