Brushless motor RCS TRX class 250, 2812 1600kv Brushless motor 97 watt- RCM0A0001 article

Brushless motorRCS TRX 250 class 2812 1600kv Motore Brushless 97 watt article RCM0A0001

Brushless motorRCS TRX 250 class 2812 1600kv Motore Brushless 97 watt  article RCM0A0001

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The brushless motors of the TRX-AIR line are designed and built to offer quality, power and reliability at an absolutely competitive price. The use of high efficiency magnets together with an accurate design make them the ideal choice for many applications.

Features :

High quality magnets

Elegant and aggressive design to optimize even cooling

Sturdy and reliable bearings

Careful assembly for maximum durability

High power and efficiency

Ideal for many aeromodelling applications

Suitable cables also for mounting on fans or multirotors

technical features :

Engine class 250

Thrust gr 200

Power 97W

KV 1600

Operating voltage 2S-3S LiPo

Suggested propeller 6x3 - 7x4

Shaft diameter 3.17 mm

Dimensions 28x12 mm

Weight gr 21

Suggested regulator 10Amp


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