90030109 Alewings voltage regulator from 5 to 7.4 volts 7A maximum peak

Alewings voltage regulator from 5 to 7,4 volts 7A

Alewings BEC voltage regulator from 5 to 7.4 volts, 7A maximum peak.

Article 90030109


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Alewings, linear voltage regulator with programmable output (from 5 to 7.4V) 7A peak max.

The new line of voltage regulators, "PV Regulator", is the natural evolution of the previous 6 and 12A regulators, with the aim of improving performance and functionality.

New PVRegulator 7A features these improved features compared to the previous "6A voltage regulator": higher peak current, lower dropout voltage, lower weight, programmable output voltage from 5V to 7.4V and is also equipped with an electronic switch integrated to turn on servos or other connected devices.

PV Reguletor is ideal for adjusting the voltage of the receiver, servos or other devices, such as gyroscopes, electronic engine ignitions and light boxes.

A stable and safe supply voltage allows servants and other devices to work at their best.

You can adjust the output voltage linearly from 5 to 7.4V by turning a trimmer with a small screwdriver.

You can use PVRegulator 7A with 5-6 Nixx cells, 2 LiFe cells or 2 LiPo cells.

It comes with a jumper, 0.5mmq silicone cables and UNI connectors.

The weight is only 10 g, cables and connectors included.

Technical data :

- 7A of peak max
- The output voltage adjustable from 5 to 7.4V
- Equipped with electronic switch
- Dimensions 35x17x10mm
- Weight 10g cables and connectors included


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