55848 Hitec Telemetry HTS-SS Blue C200 Combo for electric models

Hitec Telemetria HTS-SS Blue C200 Combo


Hitec Telemetry HTS-SS Blue C200 Combo for electric models, with current, temperature, and voltage sensors

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Hitec Telemetry HTS-SS Blue C200 Combo for electric models art. 55848

Have you ever dreamed of monitoring the flight of your model? Stop dreaming! Hitec is proud to announce Hitec 2.4GHz Telemetry BLUE for electric models, a complete set of sensors to monitor your model in real time thanks to Hitec's incredible 2.4Ghz AFHSS system.

By installing the Hitec sensors on your model, be it an acrobatic, an electric glider or an electric helicopter, you can receive directly on your radio all the information collected by the sensors such as: temperature, battery voltage, engine or radio absorption, engine revolutions , GPS coordinates, speed and altitude. If you have an AURORA 9 you can see the data collected directly on the RADIO DISPLAY in real time, while for those who have a 2.4GHz OPTIC 6 Sport radio, OPTIC 6 2.4GHz, an ECLIPSE 7 2.4GHz or an OPTIC 5 2 , 4GHz just connect the HPP-22 to the data port of the Spectra module, connect the HPP-22 to a PC to be able to see on the computer screen or use the incredible HTS-NAVI to receive wireless ALL DATA COLLECTED, all of course in real time!

The heart of Hitec's Telemetry System is the HTS-SS Blue Sensor Station, to which all sensors can be connected, which must be connected to the data port of an OPTIMA 7 or OPTIMA 9 receiver. OPTIMA receivers will think about transmitting on your radio HITEC all the data collected by the sensors. Simple, easy to install and use! A real PLUG & FLY!

The Combo Pack Blue C200 includes:

  • 1 x HTS-SS Blue SensorStation
  • 1 x HTS-VOLT Voltage sensor
  • 1 x HTS-C200 sensor amperage 200Amp
  • 3 x HTS-TEMP Temperature sensor
  • NOTE: to take advantage of the telemetry both on Aurora 9 and on the other Hitec radios it is necessary to have:
  • Aurora9 updated to version 1.08 (Aurora 9 only)
  • HPP-22 or HTS-NAVI
  • Spectra 2.4GHz module updated to version 3.01
  • OPTIMA 7 or OPTIMA 9 receiver updated to version 2.01


  • Compatible with Hitec Optima 7, 9 v2.01
  • Sensor station included
  • C200 amperage sensor included
  • Temperature 3 sensors included
  • Voltage sensor included
  • Use of electric models

Brand : Hitec 

Art. : 55848


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