118380 Hitec LiPo Checker is an accessory capable of displaying the voltage of each individual cell

Hitec Lipo Checker

Hitec Lipo Checker

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The Hitec LiPo Checker is a very convenient accessory as big as a key holder capable of visualizing the voltage of every single cell of your LiPo battery pack on its screen. Simply connect the battery balance socket to the LiPo Checker to immediately see the voltage of the individual cells. In addition, if the cells are unbalanced, the IlPo Checke will take care of balancing your package AUTOMATICALLY!

Very easy to use: it is connected to the balancing socket and acts autonomously

Small and compact, as big as a key ring

Large and easily readable liquid crystal display

Displays the voltage of each individual cell in the LiPo package

Balance the unbalanced cells automatically.

Connector compatible with EH, XH and PQ batteries.

Compatible cells: 2-6S LiPo

Functions: Voltmeter / balancer

Measurement tolerance: +/- 1.5%

Resolution: 0.01V

Current balance: 50mAh

Weight gr: 20

Dimensions mm: 70x38x11


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