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HSD82502 Align DS-825 digital servo control with metal gears

DS825 High Voltage Brushless Servo

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Align DS-825  servocomando digitale con ingranaggi in metallo HV - coppia 12.5 kg utilizzabile su rotori di coda 

Marca : Align 

Art : HSD82502

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Align DS-825 High Voltage digital servocontrol with metal gears from 7.4 to 8.4 V - torque 10- 12.5 kg usable on tail rotors in class 550/600/700/800 helicopters or for 1: 8 auto buggy steering

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● Designed specifically for helicopters, it uses the high-speed brushless motor, high torque and superior efficiency response.

● Queue servo with ultra fast response of 0.02sec / 60 °, pushing to the extreme.

● Supports 8.4V high voltage to provide optimum performance and torque of the brushless servo.

● Designed specifically for helicopters, with the highest specifications on the market: ultra speed of 0.02sec / 60 ° with torque of 12.5kg-cm, allowing the helicopter to perform maneuvers with faster and more precise.

● Ultra high signal resolution for excellent precision and softness.

● Hardened, high strength super-light gears that increase durability.

● Equipped with a new CNC machined aluminum case that serves as a heat sink and protection for the servo.

● Supports both analog and digital control signals.

● Suitable for use on the tail of helicopters class 550/600/700/800.

Technical specifications :

● stall torque: 10.0kg.cm (7.4V)

● stall torque: 12.5kg.cm (8.4V)

● Movement speed: 0.03sec / 60 ° (7.4V)

● Movement speed: 0.02sec / 60 ° (8.4V)

● Nominal voltage: DC 7.4-8.4V

● Temperature range: -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

● Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 39 mm

● Weight: 62g


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