31081S Hitec HS81 micro servo per gli aerei più piccoli elicotteri auto

Servo Hitec HS 81 micro-servo

Hitec HS81 micro servo

Among the most popular servos for smaller aircraft Heli cars etc the HS-81 offers balance between speed and torque




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Hitec HS81 standard micro servo

Article: 31081S

One of the most popular servants for smaller aircraft, Heli, boats, cars and trucks, the HS-81 offers a good balance between speed and torque.


  • Among the best-selling microservo
  • Powerful tripolar ferrite motor
  • Resistant nylon gears

Technical specifications:

  • Motor type: 3 Poles
  • Speed ​​(4.8V / 6.0V): 0.11 / 0.09 sec to 60 degrees.
  • Couple kg./cm. (4.8V / 6.0V): 2.6 / 3.0
  • Dimensions in millimeters: 29.72 x 11.94 x 29.46
  • Weight grams: 16.5

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