Novarossi Nova Off Road Engine .21 -7 transfert

Novarossi Nova Off Road Engine .21 -7 transfert

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Glow nitro engine .21 - 3.5 cc - Novarossi Rolling 7 Travasi Off Road

The Novarossi engine for 1/8 scale off / road buggy car racing competitions.

Rolling .21 Off / Road 7 lights. It was designed for use on 1/8 scale off / road model cars, and is the leading Novarossi engine for the category.

The big news of this engine is the crankcase with a patented system that brings the carburetor moved to the left, in this way it helps the aspiration of mixture by the engine thus increasing its efficiency.

The shaft, thanks to the displaced carburetor allows to have the intake "window" on the crankshaft opposite to its flywheel.

This guarantees us a better balancing of the whole system.

Less vibrations, better performance. The crankshaft is then "balanced" with three tungostene weights. .

The cylinder has a particular system of admission to 7 with particular arrangement of the transfer ports (covered by patent!) Which ensures the best possible performance.

The exhaust light with "booster" was designed after a careful study of internal fluid dynamics, in this way the maximum power was increased while maintaining consumption.

The head is recessed in the crankcase to improve engine cooling, which guarantees maximum reliability and performance in heavy use on racing cars. It is then allergenic through holes to lower the overall weight of the engine. The head has under-head for Turbo candles.

The connecting rod, made of 7075 ultrasonic-controlled aluminum alloy, has been designed with a reduced section to have a lower weight while maintaining the characteristics of resistance and reliability; the engine performance is increased thanks to the lower mass of the moving parts. The rear bearing is high speed.

This allows for better shooting and higher top speed.

Technical features :

  •    Displacement: 3.49 cc
  •    R.P.M (maximum power): 37,200 RPM
  •    Bore x stroke: 15.88x17.60 mm
  •    Cylinder: 7 transfers
  •    Rear bearings: steel
  •    Front bearings: steel
  •    Crankshaft: 14.5 mm - turbo - TUNED
  •    Carburettor: plastic - 9 mm - slide
  •    Glowplug: Turbo (C6TGC)
  •    Exhaust position: rear
  •    Start-up: standard
  •    Weight: 373 g
  •    Fuel type: glow 25% nitro mixture

Brand: Novarossi

Art.: Rolling.21

Package content: 1 Rolling motor without muffler


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