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264286 SHARK RR Multiplex aircraft, "multirole" trainer to learn how to fly and have fun

Multiplex Shark RR ARF beginner airplane

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SHARK RR Multiplex airplane, "multi-role" trainer to learn to fly and have fun.

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The SHARK Multiplex is a "multi-role" trainer that allows you to learn how to fly and at the same time enjoy yourself more and more as you learn, and allows you to face many challenges like the first take-offs from the ground or from the water with just one model (optional parts required).

The SHARK is completely in ELAPOR to be robust and able to undergo even the first "landings" and is ready for the installation of the receiver.

It is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, regulator and servo controls, already installed in the factory, just install your receiver and a LiPo battery and go to fly.

Once you start learning to fly you can easily install the ailerons, (optional) to progress and increase the fun.

Thanks to its particular design and powerful motorization, the SHARK is able to introduce you to the first aerobatic maneuvers in an extremely easy way!

Then just install the optional trolley with a click to start learning takeoffs from the ground.

If instead you want to experience the thrill of flying a seaplane, just install the optional floating set and with a click you convert the SHARK to a seaplane!

SHARK one model to have fun in many different ways, without so many thoughts!

Technical features :

  • Ready for installation of the receiver: servos and motorisation already installed
  • Fun and easy flight, ideal for beginners
  • Just one click to install the optional floating set to turn SHARK into a seaplane
  • Just one click to install the optional landing gear
  • Built in robust ELAPOR
  • Quick and easy aileron installation
  • RR equipment:
  • ELAPOR® model, already assembled with
  • PERMAX BL-O 2816-1450
  • regulator MULTIcont BL-12 SD
  • 2 MS-12015 servos
  • propeller 5.5x4.5
  • decals
  • detailed instructions

Components needed to fly:

  • 2.4GHz 4Ch receiver
  • 4Ch or higher radio control
  • LiPo 3S 950mAh battery
  • Appropriate charger


  1. Landing shoe in plastic
  2. Trolley with wheels
  3. Floating skate for seaplane transformation

! ATTENTION: some images show the model with the optional accessories installed


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