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HW30203900-Hobbywing Platinum PRO V3 100A 2-6S BEC 10A class: for heli 500/550 aircraft 0.70

ESC Hobbywing Platinum Pro 100A 2-6S BEC 10A

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HW30203900 ESC Hobbywing Platinum PRO V3 100A 2-6S BEC 10A for heli 500 550 or for aircraft class 0.70 

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Hobbywing Platinum PRO V3 100A 2-6S BEC 10A class: for heli 500/550, aircraft 0.70 (art HW30203900)

The ESC series "Platinum" has the best performance, and is a top-class product for Rc airplanes and helicopters

1 Specifications:

1.1 Output: 100A continuous, peak 150A for 10 seconds

1.2 Input voltage: 2-6 LiPo batteries

1.3 BEC: 10A with 25A peak with output voltage at 6, 7.4, 8.4

1.4 Max Speed: 210000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35000rpm for 12 poles BLM.

(BLM = BrushLess Motor)

1.6 sizes: 70mm (L) * 35mm (W) * 32mm (H).

1.7 Weight: 125g.

2 Features:

2.1 High performance microprocessor, excellent compatibility with most engines.

2.2 three types of engine starting modes: Normal / Soft / Very-Soft, compatibikle with airplanes and helicopters

2.3 Soft and precise response of the gas control

2.4 multiple protections: Cut-off protection for low voltage / overheat protection / protection for loss of control signal

2.5 Accurate "governor" system for helicopters

2.6 The firmware can be updated via USB cable with the Program Box LCD Professional

2.7 Programmable by the user

2.8 Multiple programming system, stick, Digital Led program card, professional LCD Box, PC software, easily programmable also to the flight field.


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