SKYRC EXTREME Dual 200W DC Multy Charger/Discharger double output 200 watt X 2 

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Extreme SkyRc 50 Watt charger


The Extreme SkyRc 50 W DC charger is an excellent choice for those looking for a practical and economical charger


Each operating program in the unit is controlled with mutual connections and communications to prevent any possible errors, thus introducing maximum security, such as the incoming voltage warning. backup polarity protection and lithium cell number input error warning.

High power circuit:

The circuit used has an output power of 50 watts

As a result, it can charge or discharge up to 18 cells of NiCD / NiMH and 6-cell Lipo with a maximum current of 5A.

The Extreme 50 watt is also equipped with a powerful cooling system for maximum performance.

Individual tension balancer for LiPo:

It has an integrated individual cell voltage balancing system, that is, it does not require any additional separate balancer when charging lithium batteries (Lilo / LiPO / LiFe) for balancing the cell voltage.

Technical features:

12-18V DC power supply

Dimensions 133x87x33

Charging current 0.1 ... 5A

No. of cells Lixx 1-6

No. of NiCd / NiMH cells 1-15

No. of cells Lead 1-10

Power charged 50 W

Low power 5 W

JST XH balancer socket

Weight g 277 gr

Manual in English

Packing: 1 charger plus accessories

Power cables 12-18 V

XT-60 charging cable

Charging cable with crocodiles / XT 60 plug

Brand: Extreme - SkyRc- Charger 12-18 V

Art.: 448163


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