010-0004-01 Castle Creation CC Bec PRO 20A - from 2 to 12S max output from 5 to 12.5 volts

Castle Creation CC Bec PRO 20A 12S max

Castle Creation CC Bec PRO 20A 2 to 12S max output from 5 to 12,5 volts

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Castle Creation CC BEC Pro,

It is a small device that eliminates the need for a battery for the receiver.

It draws voltage from the motor batteries and brings it to a level that is suitable for the receiver and servos.

This is required in applications that use high power servos, where the ECS does not have an internal BEC, or the existing BEC is inadequate.

The CC BEC Pro is designed to operate up to 12S LiPo (50.4V) with a peak load of 20A *.

Technical specifications:

  • Max Amps: 20 peak amps *

Max direct current *:

  • input 16V = 15A
  • input 24V = 13A
  • input 32V = 11A
  • input 40V = 9A
  • input 48V = 8A

Max Input voltage:

  • Cars: 8s (33.6V)
  • Airplanes: 10s (42V)
  • Helicopters (Airplane with brake disabled): 12s (50.4V)

Adjustable output voltage **:

  • 4.8V to 12.5V (factory start voltage: 5.1V)
  • ** Voltage must be changed via Castle Link (sold separately)


  • Width: 1.30 "(33mm)
  • Length: 1.86 "(47 mm)
  • Depth: 0.86 "(22mm)
  • Weight: 1.4 ounces (40g)

Elements necessary for operation:

  • battery connectors (sold separately)

Product Use, Statements: Read all wiring diagrams and usage warnings before using CC BEC Pro;

PDF versions of the included manuals can be found on Castle Creation website

Not intended for use in wet conditions, the BEC is not waterproof.

Application guidelines:

  • Generally used for 1/5 scale cars or cars that use multiple high power digital servos, lights, winches and other accessories. It is also useful in large aircraft with 4 or more digital servos.
  • Perfect for class 500 and larger helicopters and UAS.


  • Yes, output voltage can be changed through Castle Link (sold separately)

Technical note:

  • * The ratings are determined with an air flow of 9 km / h on the BEC

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